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The Church

We believe...

The Church is an organism, Christ's body, where the model for body-life is found in Acts 2:42-47.
  • The Acts 2 model provides us with our format for organization and practice as a body of believers devoted to scriptural teaching and living, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, worship, sharing in body life and with those in need, and meeting regularly both corporately and house to house. ​

  • Scripture: The body is devoted to the Bible as its sole source of faith and practice (v42). ​

  • Fellowship: As followers of Jesus Christ, we are devoted to fellowship with one another within the Journey Church and with those of like faith and practice (v42) within the greater community.

  • Breaking of bread: Fellowship includes from time to time gathering together around a shared meal that allows deeper conversation and the bonding of hearts together in the Lord as members of God's family sharing His love with one another (v42). We do this informally in our small groups and as a corporate body. We call this type of fellowship an "Agape Meal" which means a meal of God-like love and incorporates the Lord's Supper, a time of personal reflection, remembrance and communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

  • Prayer: Prayer is two-way communication with our Heavenly Father which is done privately, individually, and corporately. Prayer is the life-blood of a church body and is the center-piece of worshiping together (v42). 

  • Worship: True worship is a deep and intimate personal and corporate experience that focuses on praise, thanksgiving and devotion to and illumination from God's word properly expounded. This results in adoration of and awe in the magnificence of the God we serve. Worship is not merely a service but a continuous condition of the heart toward God carried by every believer throughout every moment of the day (v43). 

  • Sharing: As the body of Christ we care for one another deeply and practically which means that we provide for those in need, inside and outside the walls of the church building. It is our goal and practice to share our private possessions with those less fortunate than ourselves who find themselves in need (v44-45). 


  • Meetings: It is our practice to meet corporately in the church building and in member's homes as small groups. The corporate meeting is structured but informal and flexible as a time of fellowship, encouragement, praise, worship, and character building through the preaching of God's word. The guidance of the corporate meeting is then openly discussed for application in each member's life in the small group home meetings. These meetings allow for honest discussion, clarification and a time to answer questions and meet individual needs (v46). 


  • Desired Outcome: The aim of using this particular church model is unity in the bond of peace. That everyone is loved, valued and functioning in ministry within the body, finding their sense of purpose in Christ that they may grow in spiritual maturity and be glad, generous authentic Christians having true praise and gratitude for God while also finding favor within the community (v47). 

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